by Brakemouth

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All Songs Written/Produced/ Performed by Brakemouth (Casey Frantum)

Recording/Production/Additional Vocals on “Summer’s Gone” and “The Hurricane” by Marc Swart

Additional Inspiration on “--My Heart--” from “In My Heart There Rings a Melody” by Elton Menno Roth

Mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering

Artwork by Gaby Tirta Jenkins


released November 25, 2014

Thank you to:
Renata, Susan Y, Grandma Marlene, Marc, Jessica, Ryan, Gaby, Matt, Mac, and Carmelle




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Brakemouth Portland, Oregon

Here to move Hearts and Hips, Brakemouth is for the People.

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Track Name: Rhian
I got your letter about a year ago
the wax seal on the bottle shows
you never made it past the beach
now you’ll never make it back to me.

I always thought of you as one of those
types of girl who take off her clothes
and throw them all over the sand.
The girls always called you Rhian.

I think you went down to Bethlehem
to see where Jesus walked away
and now you’re up there with him
in the clouds learning how to swim.

I took you down to the house of ghosts
you told me what you always feared the most
was the feeling that you’ve been replaced
and in a moment anyone’s erased.

You are the forest
You are in space
You slept in the mountain
and the world turned away

You are selfish
you are kind
you are the person
that I’ll meet when I die

Now a decade has nearly passed,
but I wouldn’t say it happened fast.
I’m just a stone dragging on the beach
waiting for your hands to come and lift me.

I think about you when I’m alone
and the frost turns to mold.
The mold turns to dust,
and now I know dust is where we all go.


Port, Starboard, Hull, and Aft


The wind blows,
the wind knows.
Ship’s force,
you’re off course.

You are
the star
I’ll follow.
I’ll follow.
Track Name: Summer's Gone
I live within my lover
She always comforts me
Like a little baby to her mother
I’m always clawing for the seed.

I met you in the aisles
You were waiting for your wings.
I ran so fast back to my nest
to see my momma bird was asleep.

And it’s not enough to feel the summer
when you’ve got nothing to base it on.
It’s not enough; feel the summer
over and over again.

I drink what I am given
but the bitterness tastes raw.
The warmth seems to soften bellies
but my stomach never seems to thaw.

Track Name: The Hurricane
There was a man called the Hurricane
He only fought on the weekends
Undefeated in three states
Until I came up and beat him

I want to be alone again
I want to be mysterious
I found a lover but I need a friend
who doesn’t make me delirious

In the end I will get what I’ve always wanted
where everyone fades away
At the end of the road, where my house is haunted
Everybody get away.

I called a woman I once met in Greece
She wore blue on the rainy days
When I called, she said I only wear black
to show my love for The Hurricane.

I want to be alone again
I want to be mysterious
I found a lover but I need a friend
who doesn’t make me delirious

I can’t always keep up
I get jumbled when I’m feeling stressed
My knees buckle, break, and dislocate.
I fell down in the shower again.


When I was younger
I would try and notice
If anyone gave a shit
about anyone

So I would scowl
for months and guess what
nobody noticed
nobody noticed

There were times I would dissipate
There was a time when I made my name
I won’t forget those nervy nights
When I used to be your Hurricane

I want to be alone again
I want to be mysterious
I found a lover but I need a friend
who doesn’t make me delirious
Track Name: Cracked Glass
She tied the glass up to the bed posts
The sound of falling
Woke up everyone we know
the sound said “just a change of heart”.

I’ve lived a glass blowers life
full of steam and warm, hot blooded air
Sunlight chases all of lights
of the moon and glassy stars

I said that I hate my heart.
It’s a rotten apple.
I meant that I hate my brain
it jumbles fruit into my metaphors.

She asked “Where was this glass made?”
A loaded question
Across the desert, far away.

Oh, here it comes again
The earthquake rocks my head
The quaking breaks my bed
Into cracks too large for me to flee

Whoa, now I see
The beauty lies next to me
Rough edges get washed empty.

After all, It’s just a phase for me.

I’m waiting for my glass to break.
Track Name: Wires
Somebody said that the wires got crossed
But I always felt the instructions got lost.

I’m alone on the road with nowhere to go.
I lost my map, but it felt like home.

I'm like an unlit room
In a crowded house
When those lights go on
Others go out.

It's just one of those things
growing up can't change.
You start talking in rings.
It gets filtered away.


You ever felt like man?
Neither have I.
Brothers fight to stay strong
The muscle's wrapped too tight.

The rest is made up like a magical beast.
Some dumb chimera with a nature to preen.
That's never been me.

Track Name: Grin/Grimace
I crushed a man’s hand and confidence in mine
He made a swan, I made a complex line
We locked eyes for a long, long time
He shrunk down,
I rose up, took the cup
It’s mine.

I cut a rosebush every summer of my life
I cut the trees, I kept the bees, I lost my knife
and when I turned my back
the sun dripped down my neck

A broken mirror is all you see
and from the shards you made a family.
Were you surprised when he
took the one, he took your son, took a gun?

And you
You floated away
just when I
thought you would stay.

You said that you needed your space
from the red head, oh what’s his name?
He can’t sing for shit anyway.

A grin turns into Grimace for a minute
and Ronnie has another game
The purple fur will remain.

You are a cloud in a twilight sky
The stars surround you and become the night
and when you float up like vapor wind
another breath, another fear, another tear
is left.

I count the rivers and I fake the odds
of the distance from Ontario to God
We put the brass in our hands.
We put the rose in the land

And you
You floated away
just when I
thought you would stay.


I always lose my voice
when I try to talk about it.
Talking’s never done
that much for me.

I always lose my voice
when I try to talk about it.
Try talking that
clipped down family tree.

Track Name: Built To Last
Gonna get some coffee
gonna get some work done
I’m all alone in the house but
The thing I want the most
is to be free from the host
that keeps creeping

Mutilate the body
getting into bed late
My life’s a game of hurry up, wait.
The phone is on hold
and my cord is cut and old

So tell me how you’ve lived your life
Is it something I’d like to buy?
At your sloppy desk
Filled with regrets

Oh, just another buzzy band
With a well-dealt hand
You can hear them in your neighbors walls singing

I’ve been an engineer too long
I know all the trade secrets
when the secrets that we had
are gone, along with the mask I tried to fake
I’m a little bug that’s made mistakes
but maybe you should know
I’m built to last.

Courage into common sense
Funnels into defense
Take your pick, you know I'm off the deep end
I'm well past the point that you could care
About my sticky mouth generating air

Resolution new fear
Trying hard to be kind
Hard to try when all I find
Is an artist in a bungalow
Preaching shit to me I already know

I’m built to last.
I’m built to last.
Track Name: Motions
Can you feel it in my heart?
I crashed my face into the side
Of a lover’s heart
She always says always from the start

And you know
That the last five years
Were an exercise in memory
Your lungs forget how to sing

But you needed to need it
And a light turns into beacons of
Defeated winners of a prize you never
Greeted so you beat it the feeling there's nothing else left
in the dreams that you had.

Who has to know
where I go
when I’m alone?

Don’t you know?

I’m running through the motions
I’m running at high speeds
I’m running through the motions
Can’t you see?

There’s no feeling in my heart

The sign said "I'm not for sale”
But I will take a chance.
I feel lost when I'm free
The wind is a friend that I don't see

But he/you bleated to feed it
It's egregious how I chase more
Achievements. I need this.
Validation, motivation and a
Treatise on how to lose all of your love
It's the only thing that I've read.


What’s the worst thing you can be?
You are no better than me.
Where’s the worst place you can go?
Don’t ask, I already know.

Who has to know
where I go
when I’m alone?

I’m running through the motions
I’m running at high speeds
I’m running through the motions
Can’t you see my heart?

I’m running through the motions.
I’m running through the motions.
I’m running through the motions.
I’m running down.
Track Name: The Ghosts are Never Forgotten
Your mom won’t stop changing minds around
She always tries on coats at the lost and found
She gets a new jacket almost every day
waits one week, and throws them away.

All she ever wanted was a coat
that lasts
more than one week.
And all she ever got was the past
throwing up all his guts
in the living room.

No matter what they do,
I’ll always be with you.
You know we’re not like them.
We always find out
what’s wrong right on the double.

Your dad lives on an archipelago.
He always hops another island
to run from the ghosts
of the little girls who haunt his waking step.
Every river that he crosses is another gap.

All you ever wanted was a family
that understands
that you are not something that haunts
but breathes.


And I know that you and I
will always reach for the sky
and if you find what you need,
I hope you find it is me.